Can Cognitive Neuroscience explain Alien Abduction Experiences?

Please check out my friend’s blog! Interesting article about whether alien abduction experiences can really be explained by brain processes. Very informative about such a less researched, yet intriguing area of anomalous psychology.

Food For Your Thoughts

By Priyanka Joshi

Alien abduction experience (AAE) is a huge phenomenon where there have been many cases of people claiming they have been abducted or seen a UFO. There are many types of aliens that have been described such as ‘The Greys’; these are most commonly seen in abduction cases. There are also ‘The Reptoids’ which are 5-7ft in height with red eyes and resemble a lizard. It has been claimed that they are hiding out in US military underground bases and they are living off human blood.

The beginning of modern abduction cases began in 1961 with Betty and Barney Hill who were driving back home to Montreal when they saw a UFO. After the sighting they then had a couple of hours they cannot account for and following this event, Barney suffered from insomnia and Betty started having frequent nightmares.
Two years later the couple sought help from…

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