What is the Fashion Self Love Party?

I’ve been offered the opportunity to write a guest post for a virtual blog party alongside 13 other bloggers, promoting the importance of self-love and how this can be done through different aspects of fashion.


It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind thing. In fact, it’s the first ever fashion virtual blog party in existence. Created and organised all thanks to Alissa from storybehindthecloth.com. Please go check out her blog!

The #FashionSelfLoveParty (you can follow this hashtag on Twitter) will consist of 14 posts written every day each by 14 different bloggers, from the 1st-14th February. Of course, it’s already started – two brilliant posts so far by Lena Dee (lenadeexo) who wrote ‘How To Fall In Love With Yourself This Valentine’s Day‘ and Cheyenne (notsofaux) who wrote ‘4 Brands that Celebrate Diversity and Body-Positivity‘. Both so incredibly inspiring, and don’t forget to continue to follow this party every day! What’s more, you can take part in some great fun games and potentially win some amazing giveaways! Go check it out on Alissa’s Twitter (@BehindTheCloth) or by searching the hashtag.

My post will be published on the 8th February and will emphasise how our style can be one way of expressing ourselves. Through this expression, there is a chance to find ourselves and really reflect on who we really are and who we want to be.

8 feb.png

Although it is mainly linked to fashion, self-love is one of the principles of psychology. Psychology of course aims to improve wellbeing. Positive Psychology in particular, is a recent development that goes against the ‘Medical/Disease Model’ of traditional psychology. Its main impetus is that instead of focusing on what’s wrong with people, we should focus on our strengths and build these strengths. Happiness is at the centre of Positive Psychology – and in the form of self-love which is at the centre of this FashionSelfLoveParty. I’d love to see more research of Positive Psychology in relation to fashion. Anyway, let’s all ask ourselves, why shouldn’t we all strive for happiness by giving ourselves some love and care?!

Please head on over to Story Behind The Cloth to check out the party 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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5 thoughts on “What is the Fashion Self Love Party?

  1. Yay!! I’m so glad to have you on our team, Alice!
    I love them mention here about Positive Psychology…I’m super excited now to keep an eye our on whether any studies are released involving fashion–or any studies that can be applied to it!

    I want to make one correction: The Fashion + Self-Love party IS the first FASHION blog party in existence…But the idea of blog parties in general is attributed to the lovely Ana Willis from the home school blog TheyCallMeBlessed.org.
    She created a blogging course that introduces the idea of hosting blog parties, and after discovering that course she’s become a blogging mentor i really look up to.
    It’s really thanks to her that this party can exist in the first place!! Though the combination of fashion + self-love + virtual party was my own idea, i never would have come up with it if she hadn’t given direction in the creative idea of hosting a virtual, collaborative event!

    💕Alissa, https://StoryBehindTheCloth.com

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    • Thanks for having me! Perhaps I will write another blog post if I have a look for some research!

      And thank you very much for clarifying, I will edit this now. Awesome, I will check Ana’s blog out too! 🙂 Such a wonderful idea to ever be created, and I’m so glad to be a part of this party! I’ve learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends in the process 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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